Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A million miles apart...

Many of you who have been reading me for an extended period of time know that living in Florida was my dream...really my first dream that I ever helped come true. I love my life here from my wonderful job & coworkers to my condo to my church and especially my fabulous friends. But there's one aspect of living in Florida that gets hard from time to time.

Living a million miles apart from my family. Obviously, family is a big deal to me. I grew up in a family that was close knit and heck, we had to be. With Dad's given career there wasn't much room for us to be divided. The family that moved together, stayed together - in our case. My sisters were my best friends out of necessity for years and now they remain that way I'm thankful to say. My mom was my teacher among so many things. And Dad, well he was the leader...sometimes more accurately described as the 'ring leader', perhaps.

When I first moved here it was especially weird. I spent the best years of my life in Tampa, with them. I'd drive by our lake house here when I was feeling especially pensive. That house holds the best years of my life. It is filled with memories with my 4 favorite people. There's a part of me that wants to show up on the doorstep one day and demand they give it back.

I think my whole family knew I'd be the one to wander the farthest. I always gravitated towards sunshine and vast expanses of water. Deep down Florida was always the only place I ever felt at home. That being true, no one was too surprised when I ended up here, again. This time to stay. Putting down roots by buying a home here did come with the realization that the distance would be permanent.

I steal time with my family members as often as I can. I'm spoiled rotten with seeing my Dad for work twice per year. And meeting up with the fam for football games to show Dad some love and support. My mom is having more time to travel now that we're all out of the house. Rach & I are making our once yearly sister weekends a tradition. And Ruthie I mostly see at holidays right now, although I hope that my condo may be a draw for her & her friends for spring break!

I'm still struggling through in my mind just how to keep the distance from taking a toll. I remain incredibly close to each of my family members...though Rach and Mom are certainly the two I talk too most. I work hard to make sure they know that distance aside, they are always my priority.

There's a small part of me that does wish I could hope in the car and drive over to Rach's house for dinner whenever I wanted. Or go home and curl up in front of sportscenter with my Dad on Sunday afternoons. Or take my mom out for starbucks every week just to see what she's been up to. Or that taking Ruthie shopping for an outfit for one of her college events didn't require a 2 hour plane ride.

You can't have it all. As always, your best just has to be good enough.



Charris said...

Hi Becca your family sounds very close. Good luck in Florida with the sunshine. After reading this post and this being my first time here I am wondering what your dad does?

Ebony Jewel said...

Hehehe, Charris I won't spoil it and tell you what her dad does, but he's a pretty awesome & inspiring guy! :)

Becca your family knows that you love them and that you'd do anything for them. They also know that you have to grow up and live a life of your own & being far away isn't a bad thing. It makes all the moments that you're with them seem much more special!!

I wish that I could do it. I had the opportunity to move, but with my sister just having a baby and the fact that I would have to sell my first ever home, I just COULD NOT force myself to do it! I will consider it one day, hopefully this new job will bring me to sunny Florida (I have a friend who is moving down that way & plan to visit him), so who knows what will happen!

Becca Christensen said...

N - I would welcome you to sunny Florida with open arms! Moving is certianly not somehting to take lightly, esp. when you have family to consider. It is hard being away...but I know I'm in the right place. Thanks for your encouragement. You are a great blogger friend. : ]