Thursday, May 27, 2010

Creating Space.

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We recently did a series at church entitled, ‘Creating Space’. It was a timely sermon series for me as the school year winds down and even though I’m not in school, summer does mean a different schedule for most of us. Leading a group for my church Dave Ramsey course is coming to a close in June and my small group had decided to take the summer off. It was time to consider how to create space in my life for rest, for leadership, for fellowship. It’s important to find balance in your life and know when you reevaluate your commitments (at least once a year , I say) and consider what’s next.

Since the creating space series I’ve been doing some self eval in an attempt to figure out what’s next for me. I feel lead to simplify and streamline. I’ve found 2 new ways (I shared about Dinner Done already) to reduce the amount of time I need to keep up my household (of one) that are freeing up my time that I do get at home to be spent enjoy the pool, reading, sleeping, working out, etc. But what about my commitments?

I think God is calling me into a new leadership role with church that will take me away from my 2 current stations and will bring me into a new role that will involve facilitating here in my area. See, my church is a little over a half an hour from where I live and I’ve had this nagging idea that we need more going on in my area, down south. Also, the provision of my beautiful home that I don’t have to share with a roommate right now, frees me up to open my home to others! What an opportunity!

This is all still in the beginning stages so I don’t want to get ahead of myself with revealing my new game plan just yet. But suffice to say, change is on the horizon for me and I expect it will be good change.

So for those of you who asked I'm not sure if I'll be picking back up book club, when/if I'll return to teach another session of Dave Ramsey, and I do have some new adventures on the horizon (that are coming together beautifully) but I'll wait to reveal those til after a meeting this weekend.

Stay tuned.



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