Monday, May 24, 2010

Dinner's Done.


We 20-somethings know better than most that life is busy and time is money. So when your a single girl (or guy) how do you balance an entire households worth of activities with just one you? If your answer is cloning yourself, trust me, I've already considered it! Unfortunately, I'm not much of a scientist but if you hear of any tips, let me know...I like to think the world could use a second Becca Christensen.

The past 2 months I've been even busier now that I'm doing 'the biggest loser' which requires, planning so I can eat healthy AND workouts. For a girl who already juggles her fair share of balls, adding 2 more wasn't easy. It means less sleep and lately, less reading. But in the name of not eating lean cuisines every day I needed a creative way to eat real (healthy) food. Never fear single (or non-single) ladies, I have found a fun and delish solution.

For my area it's called Dinner Done. You don't have to do the prep work or the clean up. They had me at 'leave your mess'! Two of my coworkers and I hit Dinner Done to make meals, thinking they would be great for event season. We event ladies have crazy weeks before; working overtime, packing, and then jetting off to our destination of the weekend. So it's one less iron in our fires (ok I'm all over the place with taglines tonight). If you're trying to be healthy like me, make sure you study the nutritional value before you pick your menu.

Tonight I cooked Bistro Chicken (in white wine sauce) with rosemary potatoes. It was delicious and my half (Amy and I split 4 meals) will feed me for 3 days. For me, that means lunches for the next two days. We also made white chicken lasagna (which I can't eat on my diet so I'm taking it to a pitch in), pulled pork, and chicken cacciatore. We're going back in June for a private party with a group from our work. Hmm, do I feel a video blogging coming on? If could can sign up 8 reservations they'll let your group have the place to yourself!

Just wanted to share now that I'm completely in love. You all should look up some in your area. Dinner done meals work out to about $3 per serving so they're really reasonably priced. They had drinks and snacks for us while we played in their kitchen together. It was honestly incredibly fun. This is coming from a non-cooker! Think about it.

Oh yeah, you freeze the meals and they have stickers on each meal to remind you how to heat them up when you're ready. Easy, just the way I like household chores.


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Christy said...

Excited to go with you next time! :) You are right - it is nice to have those meals on hand and I love how they give lower fat options when you are trying to watch what you eat. Thanks for sharing your blog link with me again! :)