Friday, May 21, 2010

In a New York State of Mind.

My coworkers and I have recently become completely obsessed with New York and Company. From their bright, Florida-friendly colors to their comfortable maxi dresses - we are in love! In fact, the salespeople at our store have started to learn who we are and expect us to pop in and check the sale racks on a weekly basis. Now to mention with City cash, 50% off sales, and coupons galore, NY&Co is easy on the budget. With prices as good as Target but better quality and more variety, it's a win-win for frugal fashionistas! New to my wardrobe thanks to this weeks City Cash are...

In black and in grey, I'm loving this streetwear addition. How perfect is this for the airport on my trips (like a wearable blanket, but cuter than a snuggie) or the office. Even dressed down with jeans and flip flops on the weekend. I'm loving this.

I will warn you, this dress in white was terrible but in black? Love. Paired with a fitted Cardy, I will be getting plenty of wear out of this one.

I also recently stocked up on 6 colored tees from NY&Co that are perfect for everyday. Love them. And in skin-tone flattering colors that hopefully will show off my tan, when I acheive one.

Get it girls!

Note: Congrats to Rachel, the winner of the ipod armband and best of luck with your workouts. I'm proud of you!



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Ebony Jewel said...

So...I've been like stalking the NY&CO website lately and they haven't had anything. Despite the numerous coupons that I receive from them via email and mail, I haven't been able to find anything online or in stores.

NY&CO used to be my go to store for work clothes, but they've been disappointing me lately. Maybe I'm not fashionable anymore....maybe I need help! LOL