Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lovin Summer.

Kate Spade Flip Flops - $20 at Marshalls.

Summer comes quick for us Floridians. The days are of high 90s weather are here and my pool already feels a bit like bath water. But for those of us who haven't had the great fortune of living in tropical climate all our lives, summer is exciting. It may be too hot but it's full of sunshine and fun times.

What are your summer plans, friends? I'm excited to have recently booked flights to spend some time on the South Carolina beaches in Myrtle and Isle of Palms later this summer with my family. The rest of my summer will be spent (I hope) traveling for work to Pittsburgh & Cinci, by the pool with friends working on my tan, and continuing to try to get in better shape before my best friends wedding in the Fall. Oh, and I'd like to have a few visitors form the midwest if possible. Get on that you all.

My favorite summers were spent here in Tampa, growing up on the lake. Riding jet skis every day, and hanging out til the wee hours of morning every night. Those were the best days of my life. I miss that house (and those jet skis) more than I can tell you now. Those were GREAT summers. But I'm happy to be spending my first summer in The Condo and I'm loving our pool! Life is good you all, life is good.



Mere said...

I hear you on the FL summer. It goes from weirdly cold winter to BAM, 95* summer within a month. Happy its here (for now). Come August I'll be praying for cool weather again. Have a great summer!

Ebony Jewel said...

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack! ;)

I love the summer myself, but it has hit us like BAM also in GA. Seriously - one day it was like 60 degrees and the next day it was 90!!

So my summer plans - well I'm going to Chicago at the end of June to see a "friend" and to also visit the Taste of Chicago. Then I'm spending July - August in NJ/NYC. Lots to do this summer - super excited!

Missed reading your blog! I also missed blogging, but I'm catching up...FINALLY!

Elisa said...

you're more than welcome to use our lake.
You bring the jet skis, we'll bring the lake? How 'bout that?