Monday, July 26, 2010

Dove Event with Kacy Duke.

They had me at ‘hummer limo’. Thanks to Dove’s summer campaign to help ladies like myself with their visibly smooth deodorant , my coworkers and I were whisked away in a hummer limo and taken to the Tampa Performing Arts Center for a workout with celebrity trainer, Kacy Duke! Of course after receiving the invitation I, being the internet savvy blogger than I am, googled Kacy to figure out exactly who she was. Turns out she’s trained quite a few people we all know and love and I even remembered her from an episode of ‘Run’s House’ – the reality show featuring Run from Run DMC and his family. As I mentioned in a previous entry she’s also been featured in some of my favorite magazines as a fitness expert. You should check her out at

Since my coworkers and I have been on a summer mission to get healthy, I thought it only fitting to invite them. The ladies at Dove were sweet enough to allow me to open up in the invitation to all the women (and interns) I work with and a group of 10 of us were able to sneak away for a long lunch and go along for the ride. Kimberly, a former Fam Firster and a dear friend of mine was also able to return for the fun!

For the first time in the history of my company (I believe) a stretch hummer limo pulled into our parking lot and we left on the most exciting lunch break we’ve had yet. We hydrated on water in the limo and excitingly chatted about what we could expect when we arrived at the event – which they’d decided to make private just for our group! We were going to have Kacy all to ourselves and we still weren’t sure exactly what kind of workout we were going to have.

Dove doesn’t do anything without excellence, from their products (which I’ve converted to using almost exclusively) to their events! The Maestro room was beautiful, the goodie bags were delightful, we received a warm greeting from Kate (Kacy’s assistant), and Kacy herself was an absolute treat! She was fun, passionate, high-energy, enthusiastic, and personable. I just can’t say enough wonderful things about her!

She learned our names (impressive) and coached us individually through a great cardio (and leg) workout. It’s hard to explain exactly what the workout was like (although the videos should help) but it was dance-based and certainly worked our entire bodies. We could all feel it by the time we returned to the office. What I love that she said though, is that it’s not about being skinny or having great…assets. It’s about being healthy! That’s something my coworkers and I have each been working on in our own ways this summer and certainly a relatable subject for all women. There’s a big difference in being skinny and being healthy and one is better than the other!

A unique aspect of Kacy’s training that as a busy girl I can appreciate, is that her workout is designed to be done anywhere. You don’t need a gym. You don’t need weights. You don’t need a trainer. You could crank up your music and get a great, total body workout in your own home (or hotel room on the road). For my current life of traveling for work and family as well as having a large handful of weekly tasks when I am in town – what a great option to be able to do a workout anywhere my life takes me.

Can I just say I find it totally presh that her book and program is titled, ‘The Show it Love Workout’ which she explained is about loving the body you already have, even as you push yourself (and said body) to meet some goals. She says in her description on her website, ‘learn to love yourself enough to want to be in your best shape ever’. Who doesn’t need to work on that?

I wish we could have kidnapped Kacy to stay in the Tampa area and train us weekly – she sure is fun! We had a great conversation with her over cucumber water after the workout and she did give us her e-mail address so we can stay in touch. She hopes to come back down here someday and get together and kick our butts all over again. Who knows, after reading her book and doing her workouts she might not be able to kick mine next time around! ; ]

You know that I strive to be open and honest with you all in each and every entry and I would not recommend any product to you all that I don’t personally believe in. Of all the offers I’ve had since blogging to represent companies, Dove is the only one I’ve taken for a reason. They believe in real beauty, which comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They also produce great products that I myself use.

After trying Dove visibly smooth deodorant I have never gone back to using anything else. I’ve been a supporter of their products for over a year now and they are true to their word! I shave my armpits less, they feel better, and they’re never dry. I’ve also converted my Momma, my sisters, and Aunt Ju to being Dove deodorant girls (probably helps I’ve been able to hook them up with a free stick to try).

So my challenge to you all, darling readers, is to give it a try for yourselves. In fact, I’d love for you to try it and get back to me with your own thoughts. I honestly haven’t found anyone I couldn’t make a believer out of. I personally like the green (nature fresh) stick better than the pink (wild rose) but they both smell great. I’m not as inclined towards florals myself, so if you’re more of a ‘so fresh and so clean’ scent, try the nature stick but if you prefer a ‘prettier’ armpit smell go for the wild rose. Or, like myself, you could just gracefully sniff them both in the aisle of your local Walgreens. No shame in that.

I don't want to leave out to oh-so-fun details of our goodie bags either! We got workout tank tops provided by Lucy Sportswear with the Dove insignia on them (pictured below). Both scents of Dove visibly smooth - one to keep and one to pass on to a friend. And a cute little bag we can take to the gym (or as one girl suggested, bring our lunches to work).

Now before you go feeling left out - I did promise there was a giveaway to come! And better still this is the biggest and BEST giveaway this blog has ever seen! One lucky winner will receive:

- 3 varieties of Dove visibly smooth - including the clinical strength (which I haven't tried so I expect a report).

- A $100 giftcard to get yourself some cute workout gear from Lucy sportswear.

- A copy of Kacy's Show it Love Workout book!

Here's how to win:

- you get one entry for being a follower of this blog and commenting on this entry

- you will get an additional entry if you twitter about this contest (with a link) and leave me a comment to let me know

-you will get an additional entry if you facebook about this contest (with a link) and leave a comment to let me know

- you will get yet another additional entry if you blog about this contest (with a link) and leave a comment to let me know

So you have the chance to enter yourself 4 times. The number will be randomly selected - one week from today. Good luck to all!

A special thank you to the ladies at Dove, Edelman's, and Lucy's Sportswear. It was a joy to interact with each of you and thank you for all you do.



Note: these Dove products were provided for review by Dove.


Candace said...

This was such a great event and this blog couldn't have showcased our exciting experience any better! Thanks to Dove and Kacy Duke for the best "lunch" ever! PS I love the Nature Fresh too! :)

Anonymous said...

I had so much fun at this event! Thanks to Dove, Kacy Duke, Rony the Limo driver and to Becca for the invite! What a great way to spend a lunch date with your girls. Kacy was incredible! The facility was impeccable! And the Dove was impressive! Thanks again, I was sore for three days - in a good way!

Rebecca Campbell said...

Wish I was there, it looks like it was a great time! My friend Karen told me about it. :)

Katie Kennedy said...

I used to work at Family First and some how stumbled upon your blog one day. I find you so incredibly intriguing and inspiring that I started to follow your blog. I also secretly love catching up on all that FF does. Your workout with Kacy Duke sounds amazing..And you have inspired me to go to the store today and get "Visibly Smooth." Keep up the great blogging!

Tara said...

pick me!!! i need some workout clothes because well, i've been lazy and physically INactive for like 5 years but now i'm working out and i look frumpy when i do! :(

Nicole said...

What an amazing opportunity! Of course I am follower!

Nicole said...


Christy said...

Sounds very fun! I'm a follower of your blog on bloglines.

Meghan said...

I love this! What a wonderful event - thank you so much for sharing, and for sending my name along!!! SO excited!

I totally follow your blog - sign me up!

Meghan said...

And I just tweeted!

Nicole said...

Blogged it =)

Dany said...

I'm following! what a great experience!

I would love to win this!

Dana Higgins said...

looks like you hd such a fabbb time! I'm so jealous! :]

Kris said...

I follow :).
(and you have me sold on wanting all this stuff)