Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reality TV.

It was the end of an era for all of us loyal Hills followers. After years of watching the girls drama – they ended the show with a controversial final episode with a ‘hollywood ending’ (aka fake).

I considered quitting the show when Lauren Conrad did, since K Cav has never been my favorite (oh yeah, I go all the way back to the Laguna days with that grudge). After 4 Seasons I couldn’t just stop, so I loyally watched the Hills go down in flames in the absence of my beloved LC and at the claws of K Cav.

I will say this once and then try to get over it…that fake ‘hollywood ending’ was weak and lame.

Here’s what I really wanted to write about though. Have you ever considered if you would allow a television station to video your life? I mean, I know that most if not all of reality TV is staged anyway. I am always curious if someone could convince me with enough money to put my life and reputation out there for all to see and judge.

See, I don’t think MTV will be recruiting me any day soon as I’m really just not their type of girl. The typical MTV viewer would probably fall asleep sometime during the pilot for my show and wake up around the end of my finale of the one season it would actually air. My ‘night life’ is just not MTVesque if you catch my drift.

Let’s say for arguments sake that say, ABC family comes to me and says they want to do a show about 20-somethings in the ‘real world’ and they want me to be in it. So then you have to consider how much of your time would be devoted to redoing things to get a better camera angle or to adjust your facial expression, etc. You’d have to consider that despite what Speidi thinks – there IS such thing as bad publicity. No matter what you will be judged harshly if people know enough about you to recognize your face. That’s life in the spotlight.

The truth is if they offered me a pretty decent amount of money, it would be tempting. But life is hard and complicated, I’m not sure I would wish for anyone to watch me try’n grow up. It’s not a graceful process. I’m nerdy and quirky, in a way that only my closest friends even know about. I’m not sure I’d ever be prepared to expose my day-to-day life to a critical TV audience. But the idea still intrigues me.

What about you?



Meghan said...

I so need to watch the finale! I have it recorded.

I hate Kristin with a passion. I stopped when LC left.

Speaking of fake - Kathy Griffin did an awesome spoof on The Hills with LC - it's hilarious!

Shop Girl* said...

OHhhhhh the Hills... I stopped watching when LC left and Heidi went crazy.

I think it would be incredibly hard if you let it get inside your head, which I think Heidi and Spencer did.

Nicole said...

So sad! I've been watching since Laguna Beach as well! But it really was time! I am going to have to say negative on my own show! I am too boring lol Seeing how I follow your blog I would totally tu ne into your show! =D

Laura said...

I love Kristin...since Laguna Beach days...I think I'm the only one! haha