Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Preface.

Some of you may remember that I announced after my return from vacation that I’ve decided to write a book. This was a big decision for me in the since that I’ve always loved to write but was never encouraged to write abook until after this blog. As a result of the blog, several of my cheerleaders have asked me if I’d ever consider a bigger work, aka a book. After much consideration and talks with my family members, I have determined that yes I am going to write one.

So, this week I wrote my first page. My preface if you will. Though, after rereading it I already know there are a few things I’d like to change. Such is the writing process, right? I wanted to sit and put into words the point and purpose of the book I will write and muscle through who my target audience will be. So, that my friends is done and I look forward to continuing with page two in the near future.

This is an exciting adventure for me that may or may not yield any promising results. There’s something to be said for giving it a shot, knowing that you may or may not succeed. The process itself is somewhat of a success, right?



Mere said...

I would love to write a book and have been toying with the idea. Good luck! That's so awesome!!

Dana Higgins said...

eeek! I just read this and I'm so excited for this new adventure for you. can't wait to be continually updated missy. good luck!