Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DIY: Office Edition.

So as I plan to put together a little home office space for myself this weekend, I wanted to share some cool ideas I found from googling DIY home office projects...

This one reminds me of something you'd do in New York City, with limited space and the ability to close off your clutter when you have company over...

These projects can be bought from the container store and are literally called 'office in a closet'. There's more examples on the blog I located them at. This project can be found here. Go get it my little new yorksters! I did for a half second consider putting an office in my guest bedroom closet, is that wrong? It really wouldn't be such a bad place for it. Until my company wants to hang their church clothes up.

If you have a big backyard, this project is truely incredible...

This project was found here and I for one find it incredible impressive. I don't actually have a backyard (oh townhome lifestyle) BUT if you had the space, what a neat little escape. This would be especially neat if you were a writer and it would give you a change to 'work from home' without the actual distractions of home.

This next picture is of a project within a home office that a newly wed blogger couple posted up and I found through google, they said it only cost $15 and I thought it was really cute.

Learn more about the idea or check out their 'first year of marriage' blog here.

Here's a neat usage of space that would otherwise be hard to utilize....

More on this DIY project can be found here. I don't know anyone who has a house shaped quite like this, maybe this is an attic? That's a rarity here in Florida.

Mine office space will look nothing like any of these spaces, but I liked all the ideas. Pictures of my own project coming soon!



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Nicole said...

My "office" is in a spare closet =D