Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time Savers.

I’m a doer. I love to have a plan, execute it, exceed goals, etc. My friends are constantly teasing me that they need my secret to doing it all. So, I thought I’d share it with you…

Multi-tasking. It’s really that simple. When life is busy you have to find a way to do more than one thing at once. So, here are my examples:

- I read while I dry my hair. Can’t do much else then anyway (unless you’re really good at one handed makeup). I usually get a chapter done during this time…keeps me plugging along even on days when I can’t sit down and read.
- I return phone calls while driving. I know this could get me some backlash and people are so anti-cell-phones-and-driving lately but guess what, it works. E-mailing and texting I advise against, but talking on the phone en route? I say do it. I try to return my phone calls every day. This doesn’t always work – but it helps keep me from getting overwhelmed.
- I pack my lunch and read on my lunch break. If reading is a priority to you but your life is crazy, this is a good way to read for 30 minutes to an hour every day. Great habit. Plus it keeps you from going out to eat everyday (better for budget and waistline).
- Lists. One of my friends seems to have to run an errand I find this tedious and wasteful of time and gas. I make lists and I accomplish what I need to in the week either en route to something I have to do, or in one big sweep. Example: my bank is between my house and work so I do all my deposits en route to or from work. My grocery store is on the way home from Bayshore, where I do my weekend workouts, so I hit the grocery (with a list) on my way home.
- I put aside at least one night a week for ‘chores’ and on that night I have a list (with time allotments) of what need to be accomplished. It makes the night kind of a bummer – but I can usually fly through my list and still have time to watch a TV show or play on facebook after. : ]
- I schedule my workouts like I do work meetings – they go on the calendar and they are non-negotiable. If a friend calls and wants to grab coffee during that time, I say I’m busy – because I am. If it’s on the calendar you’re more likely to actually go.
- Gym time is also a good time to read – if you rotate like I do and have days you do either the elliptical, walk, or bike. All of those are good reading activities and it makes the time go faster.
- Another fun workout multi-task option is that it’s a good way to spend time with a close friend. Call them up and see if they want to visit our gym, meet for a walk outside, or go for a swim. Multi-tasking at its finest.
So, there you have it. The secrets to life.


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Meghan said...

I am the SAME way! I return calls on my drive home all of the time! I also catch up on emails while I eat lunch.