Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunshine and Summertime

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I love summer time! I'm a bit of a self-diagnosed tanorexic. I love the beach, the pool, achieving a bronze glow, the whole shabang. So since I haven't indulged in a fashion related post in a while I'm going to allow myself to do so now. I keep seeing such cute outfits on blog posts and Shop It To Me is about to bring out my supressed shopoholic with all the cute pieces they've been sending me. So here goes my summer much haves....

A great canvas bag. I, naturally, prefer designers but that's just because I'm a bit of a label snob. To let you in on my secret, you can usually find these at TJMaxx and Marshalls. My personal favorite is a red, white, and black Michael Kors tote I found for $30 bucks at a TJMaxx here in Tampa. You can also find them for reasonable on Ebay...I found about 50 under $50. A worthwhile investment for summer fun.

Ok this one's not for everyone but I love the clear bag trend! I actually have the Michael Kors bag pictured above and I love it! Obviously, you can't be self concious about what you're carrying - but after Chanel got this trend fired up I couldn't help but buy in. It's different and a little unexpected, which I love in a bag after being a fairly traditional designer, leather bag girl for so many years. Fun to branch out.

We all know that I love nude heels with a slightly weird passion. I also love the budget babe blog and this look in particular. I don't have a navy blazer, but I did snag a really cute (and comfy) blazer at the J Crew outlet recently (in black) for all of 9.99 (a steal, I know). I was thinking I may have to put this outfit idea to good use soon. This made the list because for me nude heels AND white jeans make the must-have for summer list.

Aviators. Well, stunna shades in general. I collect sunglasses by all sorts of designers (when I find good deals, of course). But I recently invested in a pair of Marc Jacobs aviators that are to die for! I found mine at an 'Off 5th' the outlet for Saks. Which by the way have a great variety of designer shades including: Chloe, Chanel, Prada, Marc, Kors, etc. So if you have one near you hit that up. Most of them were around 50-75 bucks.

For the summer makeup blues - this has been the only product I've found to keep me from sweating off my makeup in this sweltering Florida heat! I swear by it, and use it everyday!

Sandals!! Need I say more? I bought these MK sandals on sale for ...are you ready? 17 bucks. I bought them in white and black. Love love. They're plastic so easy to keep clean. Not something you can normally say about white.

Good books. As you all know I'm avid reader, but honestly I think a few good books every summer should be a staple for everyone. I recently finished, 'The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott' and really enjoyed it. I found that on a list put out by the British Broadcasting Company. A good place to find book suggestions. I also reference Oprah's book club list occasionally (although Love in the Time of Cholera got chucked after 25 pages - zzzzz).

Most importantly for summer...a great group of friends. : ] That is my number one summer time must have!



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Tara said...

i love love love michael kors!! his purses are my fave!