Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Projects at the Batch Pad.

Being a homeowner is a lot of work. Good thing my Mom is 10 times handier than I and willing to slave away in my condo with me this week to tackle the top few of my ‘must do’ list. She is an incredibly talented woman, I could never do half of what she can! Well, who knows – I’ve learned more in the past 8 months of homeownership than I ever thought possible and do-it-yourself has finally joined my vocabulary!

So this week we are going to attempt to tackle all of the baseboards/trim in my condo. That’s right all three stories. Heaven help us! Mom picked up the supplies this morning while I was at work and we’re going to get started tonight. They desperately need it and as Nance says, it’ll change the whole look of the place! So that was high up on the priority list and were going to get after it this week.

Feel free to wear black this week as the mourn the death of my cheap and mostly destroyed blinds which will be replaced this week by new, non-cheapy blinds! Yay! The former owners of my pad apparently had a bird they frequently forgot to feed who felt the need to eat away at the blinds. So, I’ve been itching to ditch those and as of today, can!

My small group girls will be happy to know there will finally be a rug coming to casa de Becca! No sitting on the hardwoods in the living room for group or football watching when I run out of seats. Thanks to the home depot you can sit on my plush new rug in the weeks to come. : ]

Also on the upcoming home improvement lists:
- My garage and front door are getting a fresh coat of paint
- My master bedroom shower head is getting changed out – woot woot.
- Ceiling fan WITH a light is going up in the guest bedroom
- Ugly handy blind things over the balcony doors are getting replaced – by what, we aren’t quite sure (stay tuned)

My little dream home is really coming along. I’ll try’n post pictures along the way.


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Christy said...

WOW! Can't wait to see pictures - sounds great!