Thursday, August 5, 2010

Social Networking Accountability.

Well I'm joining several over bloggers in making August Awesome with a fitness challenge! We have commited to excercise 24 of the next 30 days (well 24 days in august, but ya know) and I'm already 4 strong! Who knows, maybe I'll rambo this month and workout everyday instead of just 24.

What this reminded me of is how many great benefits there are to social networking. Don't get me wrong, I understand that there are some drawbacks to social networking, including putting too much of yourself 'out there' in cyber space. BUT it's also a great (and easy) way to connect with people you share a common interest or bond with.

I found out from Cece at The Big Girl Blog via Twitter about the Awesome August challenge and quickly joined in. As most of you probably know I've been on a healthy kick this year, slimming down and making my health a priority before I turn (gasp) 25 later this year (read: next month).

I've lost 39 lbs competing with coworkers in 'biggest loser' competitions. But what I'm even more thrilled about than dropping 3 pant sizes, is that I'm really starting to love working out! I feel 100 times better. I'm almost never tired or run down (other than my legs after a good run). The truth is I more than likely would always have enjoyed these same activities if I'd ever take the time to get in a groove.

So if any of you want to have a healthy August with us, feel free to join the challenge. You can even tweet with us about it: Me - @thequeenbc Cece - @thebiggirlblog and @healthylosergal who's the intiator of the whole challenge.

Happy healthiness this month loves.



Meghan said...

I admire your commitment and wish you the best of luck! Also going to find you on Twitter - I am @CompilationTape!

Mere said...

Good Luck!!