Thursday, August 5, 2010

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything.

I was struck by the title (and cover) of this book a while back and finally checked it out at the library after finding it on one of my 'lists'. Both addictive and a bit depressing I haven't been able to sort through all my feelings about the book. I'm over halfway through it now, a mere 3 days later.

Crumbling family structures are nothing new in 'the land of opportunity' so reading as a family goes through a tough divorce, infidelity, debt, drugs, lies, and sex. I mean, hasn't this in some ways become the new foundation of our country? I don't mean that to be flippant. It just seems that our culture has adopted all of the above as the new 'norm'.

This isn't a book review. In fact, it's the title of said book that inspired this entry. Isn't it true that at some point we really did want everything? I grew up playing Barbies and imagining myself as this perfect, beautiful woman who was going to dominate the work force and then skip out of the office in my too high heels to come home to my perfect little family (in a pink jeep, naturally).

Don't get my wrong...not everything about my dream life has changed. I still desire to be successful in my current career path and any I may come to next. I still want to prance around a top Christian Louboutins, preferably with a killer handbag slung over my tan and toned arm (hey, it's my fantasy - let me write it). I no longer see myself as the housewife type and I don't picture my dream life as involving kids of my own anymore, just my future nieces and nephews I can't wait to spoil rotten.

Do you ever feel like it's easy to lose sight of your dreams as we're bombarded with phrases like 'worst job market since the depression' or 'masters are the next batchelors degree'? It's tough being anyone in this economy (except maybe Chad Ocho Cinco and his 38 million dollar hands he keeps braggin about) but it's even harder to be trying to get your footing. What is the new dream for 20-somethings? Not having to live with your parents and eating something more exciting than Ramen noodles?

I think my Louboutins are still a few years off. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I'd rather have a Navy Audi than a pink jeep these days. Just for the record - in case you were thinking of buying me one.

Here's to chasing your 'everything', whatever that may look like.


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Newly Knable said...

Great post. Sadly, recent grads just want a job these days. Anything. I just wanted to be able to afford health insurance. It's almost impossible to find an entry level position in public relations these days.

I don't doubt you will get your Christian Louboutins though. :)