Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Book Review: All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything - Janelle Brown

I mentioned before that the title of this book grabbed my attention from the beginning. After discovering it on Oprah’s summer reading list I was intrigued by the concept that we do essentially want everything, though ‘everything’ is defined a bit differently per individual. I put myself on the waiting list for it at the library and picked it up a week later.

A dark look into the inner workings of the demise of a family structure. Slightly overdone with drama this novel deals with infidelity, divorce, post-nuptual agreements, teen pregnancy, credit card debt, and drug abuse. All of that in one book, within one family. Perhaps overdone but somehow still gripping. I found myself sympathize with each family member as they battled their own demons and wanting each to come out on top.

The bright spot in an otherwise dark novel was the way tragity and heartache brings a family together. Eventual honesty lead to the members eventually finding the love and support they needed to move forward with their lives. Who doesn’t love a happy-ish ending?

I found it a worthwhile read that kept been intrigued. Better than the average first novel frorm a new author. If she wrote another, I wouldn’t hesitate to read her writing again.



Meghan said...

Thanks for the review! It sounds fascinating!

JPO said...

This book has been on my reading list for the summer. I just have to finish those damn Dragon Tattoo books first! They have consumed me!

I'm your newest follower! :)