Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Favor...

I'm going to need a big favor from you all come Sunday night. I will need your texts, calls, e-mails, comments, and tweets to cheer me up when my precious Mom has to go back up north. I am having somuchfun with her this week I'm afraid I'm going to hit a major depression when I have to put her on a plane Sunday. But of course, Dad's going to need her back up there for the start of football season, so I can't be too selfish.

Last night after I got off work we hit the Bayshore for a walk by the water. It's nice having a workout buddy so that A. I'll go even while I have company and B. for someone to talk to and distract myself from the blistering heat. After Bayshore we ate frozen yogurt (for dinner) and finally decided to get to work.

Mom had spent all day while I was working (it's event season - the show must go on) buying the supplies for all our house projects (see previous entry). We got to work immediately after our return from walk/yogurt - planning to tackle only a project or two before bed. We ended up fixing the garage door (really just the opener was broken, but we had to buy a new one and reprogram it). She fixed the exhaust fan in my guest bathroom. Together we changed out the blinds in the dining room (the biggest, most complicated blinds in the house). We FINALLY took down the ugly hanging blind-wanna-bes over my huge sliding doors to my balcony and hung a rod for the curtains (which we also picked out and purchased yesterday). Oh and we changed out the shower head in the master bath.

A productive night if I do say so myself.

When I have to drive myself to work and it doesn't involve being treated to a daily cafe mocha with soy milk from Starbucks, I will be sad. The last 2 mornings have been much more pleasant as I'm chauffeured to work with my mocha in hand.

We still have Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to finish our projects, take walks, drink starbucks, and eat frozen yogurt. So I'll be happy as a lark until then. But come Sunday night ladies and gents, I will need your full support. :]



Tara said...

aww glad you get to spend time with your momma! <3

JPO said...

My momma doesn't live by me so I feel your pain!

It's always nice to have your mom around. Enjoy your last few days

Christy said...

aww sounds so special - I know you are cherishing every moment!

Bran ♥ said...

so glad you are having such a wonderful time with your mom! can't wait to see pictures of all the changes around your condo!

oh, and can't wait til football season! hopefully i will see your lovely face at a game or two this year! :)