Saturday, July 17, 2010

House Work.

Projects, projects, projects! The work just never quite ends, now does it? I’ve been in the mental planning process for a while of deciding which of my list of mini-projects that are swimming in my head I want to take on first. The top three are:

- Home office space! I need a place to land with some of my paperwork, my laptop, writing projects, blogging, and let’s face it – bills! I don’t have a desk of any kind so all of these items have found odd little places to land around my house but it’s time to make them cohesive and accessable. This is to be this weekends project, starting with the purchase of a desk at Ikea. Thanks to my mom’s side of the family I’ve had a little stash of money they gave me for the condo for months now and have been waiting til I decided what to do first to spend it.
- Living room revamp. I have 2 cheap, out of place book shelves I’d like to rid my living room of. But where do put the items that are in need of that space. Also, my TV currently sits on a very cute, but small piece of vintagey furniture that just isn’t doing anything for the room, in that location. So, I’d like to move that to where it could be more useful, and replace it with a larger entertainment center, to better fill the large wall space (a drawback to high ceilings). This may also happen this weekend, if I can stretch the money far enough to deal with both. And if I can stay motivated enough to put together and organize 2 new piece of furniture and as a result, 2 rooms.
- The guest bedroom. Ah, the not-so-dreaded guest bedroom project. My Mom is (hopefully) visiting me for 5 days in August to work on a few little projects at my place. I want to start by painting an accent wall in that room (color scheme is: kelly green, black, and white). Then I need furniture. That’s right, I’m short a whole bedroom suite! I believe we’re going to do the guest bedroom with white furniture to switch it up (my whole house is black and white – my bedroom furniture is black). It also needs lamps, I may install a ceiling fan, some wall art, etc. So Mom and I will begin (and maybe end) that project while she’s around to help (doing all of that along in a day seems a bit too overwelming to me).

For those of you who have seen the condo (or enough pictures), the desk will be a corner desk in the dining room area. That sounds odd, but if you’ve seen the room, it makes sense. It’s a pretty decent size room and only houses a table at the moment and I want to make better use of all the extra space. Plus, in true tackiness, my internet is just laying on the floor in the their, as that’s where the best hook up is. Yeah, we’ve got to fix that asap. I’d like to move the phone (yes, I have a house phone…go ahead and judge me) to the desk area and out of the kitchen, asap. I want to keep my space organized in a way that makes sense. My files are stored in a kitchen cabinet as well. Ack.

So, this weekend (the hours the sun is down) I will be working on projects around the house. I hope to post some pictures and/or videos throughout the process so keep an eye out for those.



Meghan said...

Good luck with all of your projects! Can't wait to see pics!

Shop Girl* said...

Mmm I love home projects! Rearranging rooms is one of my favourite things EVER. Sadly, my current apartment is so packed there is no room to move anything anymore. *sigh*. haha