Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012 Goals - Update #2.

Well loves, it's mid-March and time to think about how far I've come with my goals and how far I have yet to go. Over frozen yogurt with a friend a few weeks back I made the comment, 'I think people are only uncomfortable growing older if they aren't where they thought they would be in life at this point'. He stared at my a little blankly at first and then agreed, I'm totally right. Turning 25 was a celebration for me, not scary in the least because I was achieving everything I'd hoped too by 25. My life is on track.

I attribute a large portion of this success to making goals. I'm intense about anything I set my mind too and so, if I focus that energy it's a powerful beast. That is the point of goal making, for me. It helps me stay focus my energy and efforts for the maximum results.

So, let's celebrate that I have finished 21 books towards my 50 book goal. That's an incredible start to a promising year, don't you think? I'm almost halfway to a lofty reading goal in MARCH! I'd also like to share I'm loving it. I realized the other day when I logged into my DVR to see how many shoes I need to watch and delete before I turn in my cable box next week and realized I haven't watched TV since February 27th. And I don't miss it. Another great reason to ditch cable and use that $85 a month towards something greater.

Plans for Haiti are going better than I could have hoped or planned. I depart April 21st, so this goal has a deadline. But my passport and shorts are done, my bills are paid, and I've even started laying out a few things to pack. I'm grateful to my friends who have rallied with money and supplies for my trip to help get me ready! are truly a blessing to me.

My DC plans are coming together and my spending money is already put aside so that I can take the city be storm! And while I'm there I get to meet one of my favorite bloggers - Leanna!

My secret goal #8 is in the works and I feel great about it...maybe I'll be able to share more about that soon.

I have been writing up a STORM including letters - so that is a go.

I need to be more diligent in my weight loss goal (I'm down over 5 lbs but I'm kind of plodding along lately) and I haven't been working on my book. Gr. Must get on track with that.

I'm killing my budgeting/savings goals and expect that this year will really improve my standings all around in that area. Feeling great about it. And it's allowing me to do some big things.

How are your goals for 2012 coming along and is there some way I can help encourage you?



Phil and Darby Hawley said...

I love how determined and motivated you are; you're inspirational! What are you going to do when you reach your book goal...which I imagine will be some time in June based on your progress so far. Will you tack on more books or will you find a different goal? I'm curious about secret goal #8 too hehe

Amber said...

I'm so glad we're friends.. you're such an inspiration! :)

Molly @ Blonde Out Loud said...

You go girl!

Neely said...

Being on track with goals feels so good!!

Meghan said...

I so agree with that comment regarding age. I embraced 30 (and 31) because I am pretty content with where I am at, I suppose:)

Congrats on so many amazing accomplishments!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Congrats! I hope that through reading your blog some of your skills will rub off on me!