Saturday, March 24, 2012

Travel Fashion & Purchases.

I love love love to pack because it means I'm going somewhere. I love picking out my outfits, planning what I'll wear to which place, which bags to carry...I even enjoy trying to get the most out of what I pack. I make packing an art.

I leave Friday for 3.5 days in Indiana/Kentucky with my bestie. Afterwards I will be back in Tampa from mid-morning Monday til first thing Friday morning, when I will depart again for Raleigh, NC to spend Easter with my sisters, bro-in-law, and niece (Noa). So my head has been swimming with ideas of what to pack.

I'm hoping to sport a few new things I've bought but haven't yet worn.

I bought the scarf on the left from Collection XIIX - when they were featured on Groupon Goods. The color is called cerulian blue and I loved it. I'm crossing my fingers it arrives sometime next week so that I can wear it in the midwest over the weekend. I like the way the girl in the middle wears the scarf more than the girl with the color I bought, though.

I snagged a pair of neon yellow sneakers while at Target the other day. I swear everytime I'm there I buy something that isn't on my list. They were only a couple bucks. They're wicked comfortable too! I'm thinking they may be just right for travel! I like to have my feet covered in case it's cold on the plane but I like things that are easy on, easy off for security purposes. Slip on sneakers with no laces? Perfection!

I'm picturing them with loose fitting rolled jeans and a casual grey top - thoughts?

This trip I may also try out my new overnight bag as a carry on. I believe I've shared it before but it looks like this:

I bought this at Nordstrom Rack a few weeks back and was going to take it to Tally until my trip was cancelled. So it still has the tags on it and it's gathering dust in my closet next to my old and faithful Coach carry on. But hopefully for only a few more days!

My weekend in Indiana will be low key - consisting of our typical Roadhouse dinner, twin 2 year old's birthday party, church, and lazing around soaking up the awesomeness that is my best friend. So I will most likely pack jeans, tees, sneaks, and pjs and call is a day.

My weekend in Raleigh will be low key as well but since it's Easter Sunday I will have an excuse to dress up. I managed to find a pic I uploaded the day I found the dress I'm going to wear (remember that time I had a makeover on TV and they dyed my hair burgundy? Yeah, this picture is from then):

I need you all to take a vote now, though. I'm torn between combining is with teal or coral accessories and cardigan. I have some of each - but I would probably invest in a cardigan in whichever color we determine. So - votes please!

I can't wait to post Easter pictures with my niece! You're in for a treat - she's darling.

Ok, much more to think about. But I had to share a little of what I'm thinking about for packing. Suggestions are always welcomed. Anyone else have fun spring trips coming up? Anyone else want to shop like they're going somewhere cool this spring even if they're not?



Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Sounds like lots of excitment coming your way :-) Coral or teal? that is a tough one, and that dress is super cute on you. I think I would go with teal, but I have no reason why lol

Amber said...

I love those shoes! So cute, and they do look comfy. I say pair coral accessories with the dress. That'd look great!

Mia Maree said...

I say both! Coral and Teal look great together! I'd do the cardigan in one color and jewelry in another :-) have fun on your first trip!!!

Lauren said...

I almost got those cute sneakers too and now I think I def need them!