Monday, March 12, 2012

Projects and Productivity.

Whew. Is it really already Monday? This weekend flew by in a blur. I managed to knock out a huge chunk of reading (mostly in my Dave Ramsey book - Total Money Makeover), make some money towards my home projects, pick up a free bed for my guest room that my sweet friend Auburn gave me, and fall in love with granite.

I have to say it wasn't a restful weekend for me but with a trip coming up on Saturday of this week, it was a weekend to take care of business. It's looking like I may be installing my new granite countertops in both bathrooms the same week my whole house gets painted - the first week in May. Whew. The picture above shows the 'samples' I was given upon request and the piece on the right is the one I love.

My friend Pedro was kind enough to let me bribe him with dinner to pick up the bed in his truck ( I always feel bad asking friends with trucks because I know they get asked A LOT). But I feel so excited and blessed to have the bed and the help. It's home will the the garage for a few weeks at which point my neighbors have offered to carry it up and put it together for me. Have I mentioned enough that I have the BEST neighbors?

I got together with another guy friend on Saturday night (after working a 12 hour day) to talk business. It's becoming more widely known that I am a total nerd at heart and I love to talk business from taxes to wages to savings and investments. Nerd flag proudly flying - I am constantly reading business books lately. I just finished one on real estate investments and I'm flying through Total Money Makeover. Anywho, got to chat with a friend who's trying to start his own business and give him what I hope was some positive feedback and ideas.

I have lots to say about what I'm learning from Dave this time around but I hope to share that in a future blog post. Since I have to hop off here and head to work I wanted to leave you with this quote, for now:

'What you have falsely believed and acted on or not acted on has brought you to the place you are today with your money' - Dave Ramsey

Happy Monday!




Neely said...

Cant wait for you to share what you've learned!

Amber said...

I can't wait for you to share either! :)

I really like the right sample of the granite too, that'll look great in a bathroom!

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

I know you are excited about your home projects. That's exciting! And yay for a free bed - I got one of those, too (but I was so excited, I toted it up the steps and put it together by myself! ha!).

Ashley said...

Sounds like you're doing some fun stuff with your house! You must share pics! :)