Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Quick Hello!

Hi darlings and happy hump day.

This week has been a blur of packing and preparation for a video recording in Indianapolis this weekend for work (I talked briefly about that last week).  I've now packed almost 50 boxes and sent them ahead and I'm muscling through meetings, logistics, and design work in preparation for an early Friday morning departure.

I know I've been pretty blog absent as well as neglecting the social media world (shocking for me, I know).  So I wanted to pop in and say a quick hi, I'm alive, I'll be back!  In other news...

My Kate bag came! And my birthday wallet to match arrived last night. I'm smitten with it. I love love love the size, the color, the structure and most of all the great deal I got on it!

I did work all weekend but I managed to hangout with neighbors and eat lobster from the grill as well as get some packing done...

Can you tell that I'm going to Indianapolis by my blue, black, and white wardrobe?

This is what my work life has looked like this week.  Whew.

Life is good but busy.  My posts may be hit or miss the next couple weeks.  But I'm not gone for good, I promise!



Amber said...

Come baaaaaaack! :)

Leanna Vera said...

Have fun in Indianapolis! That bag looks fabulous!