Monday, August 13, 2012

A Week of Gratefulness - Day One.

I'm declaring this week on the blog a week of gratefulness.  I've continued to feel challenged this year to live in a place of gratefulness, instead of just popping by for a visit now and again.  So this week I will share daily a few things I'm grateful for.   Feel free to get in touch with me and share yours with me as well!

So for day one, I'm grateful for...

1. Our first Colts win of the year! (38-3 over the St Louis Rams yesterday)

2.  Four amazing years in my favorite city - Tampa!

3. The rare blessing of having all four of my grandparents still in my life.  What a special time this is.

4. I'm overwhelmed with gratefulness this week that for the almost 4.5 years since I graduated college I have been employed full time every single day.  During a crazy economy this is not something I take for granted.  The Lord's provision amazes me.

5. Friendships. I am thankful this morning for so many great relationships and incredible friends.



A Shopaholic Runner said...

Go Colts!!

GiGi Cagle said...

Nothing is more wonderful than being able to spend time with family. That you have your grandparents is a blessing! How wonderful :)