Friday, August 31, 2012

Attending the Republican National Convention.

My coworker's favorite Beccaism is  'I just like to do epic things once'.  This is apparently a given.  She says that nearly everyone would say they like to be a part of epic things.  So in other words, I'm just one of the masses.  But honestly, I enjoy taking every advantage of every unique opportunity that presents itself at least once, just to say I have.

I was invited this year to attend the Republican National Convention which took place in my hometown of Tampa, Florida.  I've gotten to know and love two of the directors from the convention and about a month beforehand they offered me tickets and credentials.  They even let me pick the most exciting night - the night with Condi Rice (one of my personal hero's and a HUGE NFL football fan) and Paul Ryan (future vice president of the US of A).

Amy, my friend and fellow event department worker is much more involved in the political realm than I am so it was fun to surprise her and tell her I'd gotten us passes to go!  She was thrilled.  With an event the weekend before in Indianapolis, our lives have been a bit of a blur and the convention was here before we had a second to breathe.  

(credentialed up and ready to rock) 

We left Wednesday straight from work to get a jump on the crowds (it started at 7:00).  Ok fine, we had to first make a pit stop at the library because I was on my last day to pick up my holds before they'd reshelf them and say to heck with me.  But anyway, we ran by the library and then headed downtown with the intention of parking in Channelside and walking over to the Tampa Convention Center where the RNC was being held.

It was surprisingly smooth sailing getting there.  I had expected that the RNC would be a neat experience but I have to tell you, I was blown away.  It was by far one of the coolest experiences of my life.  We had a blast and in four hours of speaking I wasn't bored for as single minute.

Our seats were incredible.  I was literally in the front row of the overhang, directly in front of the stage.  I could see everything perfectly and even people watch from above.

I was most excited to see Condoleezza Rice speak and she didn't disappoint.  I thought she was incredible!  I have the utmost respect for her and would love to someday meet her and tell her as much.  I truly wish it was her desire to run for President someday - she would have my vote!

Hearing Paul Ryan speak was equally exciting.  I thought he did an incredible job and continue to believe he will make an excellent VP.

I don't like to get too political on the blog as I know many of my followers don't share my beliefs but I did want to share what was a once in a lifetime experience for me with you here on the blog.  I figure everyone can appreciate that!

I will end by echoing the sentiment of all of Wednesday nights speakers - may God bless America!


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Asha said...

you are SO LUCKY!!! My hubby was so disappointed that he couldn't go and ended up watching the entire thing on PBS (so not the same, haha!) but I'm glad you had a great time :)

p.s. - those seats were fabulous!