Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Mind is a Scary Place.

My communication has been spotty at best lately.  So the other day I was giving one of my best friends a an  update on my life via e-mail.  Here's a few of the things that were included on that from Wednesday:

Here’s the highlights of my life right now, consider this your readers digest guide to my day/night…

- My to do list for tonight includes painting my toenails (has to happen, they’re shameful)
- I have to bake cupcakes and box them prettily bc I have a birthday lunch AND a birthday dinner tomorrow – for 2 different friends.
- Sometimes when I have a lot to do I want to put things in the oven and try to quickly run an errand before the timer runs out.  There are so many things wrong with this idea, I know.

Yes, you read that write. I literally, regularly, imagine myself putting something in the oven, carrying my portable kitchaid timer while I run (literally) to my car and hurry through an errand while watching the clock. I KNOW what you're thinking - this is how accidents are caused, what if my house burns down, how could I possibly have so many things to do I can't sit still the 30 minutes it takes to baked a batch of cupcakes.  But really friends, it's the competition (with myself) of doing it all. I create these 'games', like beating the timer, in my head and I want to win them.  When I accomplish them, I reward myself with strange prizes like 'you may now read 2 chapters of your book'.

This post will be brief because today is Wednesday and does anyone really love a Wednesday morning? I didn't think so.  And so, I simply had to share with you lovely readers the chaotic scary place in which my thoughts run a muck. 



Katy said...

I have totally thought about putting something in the oven and running out to do an errand while it bakes. When I'm really busy it drives me crazy to wait in the house for that stupid little buzzer!

Jessica said...

I love that you posted this!!! Ever since fro yo last week, every time I set the oven timer I think of running to red box!!!