Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's Ok Thursday...

Its Ok Thursdays

Here we go again, you know the drill.  It's ok... go to bed at 8:30 on a Monday night and sleep until the next morning. love weeks you can go home after work more than one day per week. want weekly fro yo dates with Kari & Jess. try and run all your errands on lunch breaks so you can enjoy your evenings not going to Target, Publix, Goodwill, etc. love purging.  I took 3 bags to Goodwill on Monday and I was proud of myself all day. love starting new books, especially recently purchased ones. occasionally count vacuuming as a workout.  Don't judge me. be trying (and semi succeeding) to cut back on diet coke because you're whitening your teeth. reward yourself when you get your chores done, workout, etc. be wicked excited for a beach retreat with my bestie for my birthday weekend! be proud of yourself when you use the library instead of purchasing books. be sick to death of people 'boycotting' companies for their stance on an issue...when in it fact, by boycotting, you're doing the same thing to them you're judging them for doing (not agreeing with you). unfollow blogs because they never have any real content. constantly want a new handbag. be glad your shopping ban has been lifted. be looking forward to the lowest key weekend I've had in a long time! be counting down the days til several exciting trips coming up.



Asha said...

Completely agree with the "boycotting" can guess where I had dinner last night! And I totally count vacuuming as a workout when I have to do the entire house and not just a touch up, so no judgement here haha!

Have a great day girlie :)

A Shopaholic Runner said...

LOVE running all my errands at lunch so I can be super lazy after work. Now I just need a fridge in my car!

Amber said...

I want a weekly fro-yo date with YOU! :)

Totally OK to go to bed at 8:30, it's needed sometimes!

Angie said...

I love purging too. Lately I've been throwing everything in sight out! Your upcoming beach retreat sounds awesome. I wanna go to the beach :)