Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day Two.

This week is really off to a fabulous start for me so it's making it easy to give you my 5 for today....

Today I'm grateful for...

1.  Good books.  You know the kind that don't even take 24 hours to read because they have you plotting ways to read and shower at the same time?  Those books.

2.  Today I was able to surprise a coworker who's really into politics by getting us tickets to the biggest day of the Republican National Convention.  She was so excited, it was awesome.

3.  A new, amazing client as of this week.

4.  Two trips I'm so excited about in the next three weekends.

5. Sonic diet coke. Gets me through meetings.



Andrew Johnson said...

"...plotting ways to read and shower at the same time..."

My 10 y/o little girl has recently began to be like this too. She chooses books over just about anything else, which I'm pretty happy about. I will need to get her into book clubs / sharing.

I have pointed her towards good books from my childhood, but I'm almost out of ideas. She's into young adult books now. (Frank Peretti's Cooper Kids series, Richard Paul Evans- Michael Vey, so on) Any good reading suggestions for a young lady?

Katie said...

Going to the convention sounds so fun!! You'll see some incredible stuff!