Saturday, September 1, 2012

Labor Day Weekend.

Well, happy Labor Day weekend to all.  I'm out of town this weekend (yes, again) enjoying some time with a fellow Purdue Alumni from my Midwestern days.  This will be my first real trip (as in, more than to work or passing through the airport) trip to Kansas.  I guess when I return on Monday night I can say I'm not in Kansas anymore?  Here's to hoping that as you read this I'm enjoying less than 100 degree heat indexes and good company.

I didn't know when I made my facebook background, which reads: I would gladly live out of a suitcase if it meant I could see the world, that I really would be living out of a suitcase for half of August and most of September.  Oh well, it's officially my birthday month!  11 days left as a 26-year-old.  Anywho...

Wishing you all a great holiday weekend with little to no 'labor' involved.



Kenj said...

Have fun! Here's to the start of college football! Enjoy your vacay!

Leanna Vera said...

I hope you have a great time! Those outfits you packed are adorable!