Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shopping Budget Success.

I'm a newly limited shopping budget as I tackle my Christmas shopping early.  I'm about halfway done AND I've already designed and ordered my Christmas cards.  But in the meantime I have put together a new system for my shopping to keep it under control because let's be real - who doesn't love shopping the most in the fall?

My best friend, Candy, and I have set a monthly 'item limit' on clothing we can purchase which has helped me walk away from a great many 'likes' and wait for 'loves'.  But I finally used one of my precious items this week for a vintage NFL sweatshirt I've been obsessing about on Pinterest...

I've loved putting a little money aside for clothes and having it when I do find something I love.  And cutting back on the item amounts instead of just the money spent has helped me to use it wisely, instead of buying 'cheap' things so I can have more.

Anyone else having to limit their fall shopping budgets because they could go sweater and boot crazy?



meghan said...

Interesting concept. Do you have a $ limit along with the # limit? Because I can surely find some expensive pieces to fill that # limit.

Established: 2008 said...

What a great idea! I often buy those likes and realize they weren't worth it!

lil desiqua said...

You are so ahead of the game! I just started Christmas shopping, but only got a few things. What's your item limit number? I am in serious need of some new long sleeve cardis/light sweaters, so I'm going to get a few, but I don't want to get too crazy! Fall is my fave season to shop!

Kari said...

YES, I'm limiting myself, too, and having my husband hold me accountable. I've only been buying things I really need, which has helped me stay away from impulse purchases. My bank account has been thanking me! But I'm not gonna lie, I could buy endless amounts of sweaters, scarves and hoodies right now, just because it's fall.

Amber said...

That sweater looks so comfy!

P.S. Where the heck are you?! No post since Saturday? Shame on you! ;)