Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I've shared on this blog before that I've been wearing glasses since the 5th grade. I recently found out about a great site,, where you can order affordable pairs of prescription glasses with lenses and I wanted to share it here for my fellow visually impaired readers.

I had no idea how expensive prescription eyeglasses frames could be until I joined the working world and had to start paying for them myself.  Many of you can relate to my frustrations when it comes to finding attractive eyeglasses and how much you've spent in the past when you did.  I've only recently been introduced to buying glasses online instead of at the eye doctor and just how much money this can save you!

GlassesUSA not only provides attractive high-quality frames and lenses but their site has a 110% lowest price guarantee as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Better still, they offer a generous referral program, perfect for those of us well connected in social media!

GlassesUSA provides a virtual mirror feature on their site where you can try their available frames on your face. I wanted to show you an example of how it works.  Here's a screen capture of me trying on Coach's Carolann 244 in Gunmetal ($169 including the lenses - which is 41% savings!).

GlassesUSA was kind enough to provide a discount to readers of this blog so you can save 10% off your order by using the code: Blog10.  There is also currently a site-wide discount of 15% plus free shipping on your entire order (it does have to be over $50) with the code: FS15.

I hope you'll take the time to see what they have available including many of my favorite brands from Coach to Tom Ford.  They even have prescription sunglasses available!  I bought my first pair of prescription sunglasses this year and they are now my favorite pool accessory!  Happy shopping and enjoy those extra savings!


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