Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kansas City.

Well, summer is over and September has officially begun.  I love September not only because it's the month of my birth as well as several of my best friends and my baby sister but also because it's the true beginning of football season!  I desperately wish I was headed to Chicago for the Colts opening game next weekend but alas, I think I'll be sleeping in my own bed at home in Tampa for a whole week now!

I had an amazing trip to Kansas City this past weekend to spend some time with friend Jonathan.  He was quite the host and I have to say - it was so fun I barely noticed it was the Midwest (I kid).  But really, it was such a fun holiday weekend away.

I flew out Friday night from Tampa, through Nashville, and landed in KC about 10:30 Friday night.  I made the sweetest friends on my flight whom I've been e-mailing with since and I'm hoping to get together with very soon in Tampa (they live in Sarasota - about an hour from me).

Saturday night I had my first Kansas City bbq experience.  It was literally life-changing.  We ate at Jack Stack in 'the plaza' area of KC.

How cute is this?

My apologies that the only picture I took of Jonathan and I is dark and hard to see.  Oops.

Jonathan did a great job of exposing me to new music this weekend (I know many of you who know me well enough to know I barely listen to music will be excited about this) including going to see Samantha Fish on Saturday night.  I'm not officially in love with her voice and came home with 2 CDs of it.  As well as a 2 other CDs of new music I'm stoked about.

I didn't take nearly enough photos to do the weekend justice but I do have to share that we made a swirly cupcake tower for Brett, Jonathan's best friend's birthday this weekend:

We were pretty proud of it.

I'm back in Tampa and (I think) ready for an intensely busy September!  Thankful for a perfect weekend away to start it off right and hoping I'll get to return the favor with a Tampa weekend soon!


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Leanna Vera said...

That cupcake tower lookks amazing! I'm glad you had fun!