Sunday, September 30, 2012

Loving Lately...

I can't get enough of...

1. Waterfront Workouts.

2. Fresh Flowers.

I absolutely love carnations which happen to the world's cheapest flowers.  Score.  Does that qualify me as low maintenance? Anywho I love them and my last bunch has lasted a solid three weeks now.  Don't they still look amazing?  They're spicing up my coffee table.

3. and 4. Apple TV & a Clean House.

My sweet friend Debo got me an Apple TV for my birthday and it's been life-changing.  Now I can watch my current Netflix obsessions on ym TV instead of just my iPad.  Whoo whoo.  And I finally managed to get my house back it's normal-ish clean state.  Aaaah.

5.  Surprises.  

Normally I'm not a big fan of surprises...but the ones that have been happening lately?...I am loving.


1 comment:

meghan said...

Are you running now? That's exciting!