Saturday, September 29, 2012

Something You Want.

My sister, Rachel, and I have an inside 'thing' about our gifts.  If we ever give each other gift-cards or money for a holiday we always specify - buy something you want, nothing that you need.  We're both frugal, responsible ladies but birthdays and Christmas are supposed to be about indulging in the things you wouldn't normally get, right?

So this year I was under strict instructions to use my GC to my favorite store, Nordstrom Rack, for something I want that can't be considered a need.  Well we all know I need a handbag like a hole in my head but I've been in love with a funky, fun holiday/fall Kate bag and so with my GC and my Nordstrom notes (God bless triple points days) I added this to my collection...

The something you want clause has become one of my favorite traditions. : ]

I miss my sister.



Jenna said...

Ohh..I love the bag!!!

What a great tradition you guys share! :)

Established: 2008 said...

Sisters are the best. And that bag is rocking!