Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Birthday Birthday.

Well, I’m twenty-seven.  Thanks for all the birthday wishes this week – you all are so sweet to me.  For those who have asked, my birthday plans include picking up my best friend from the airport tonight and heading to the beach for a three day retreat with the women’s ministry from my church.  Over lunch with a friend Monday I explained this to which he responded, ‘you’re kind of boring.  I use to think you had a really exciting life’.  Ha!  I happen to think that between traveling, football, my job, and my crazy-awesome family my life will probably never be boring.  But I will say I feel a bit more grown up these days.  A beach retreat with my best friend really is my ideal 27th birthday and I’m stoked about it.

I may have woken up and checked to make sure I didn’t grow any grey hairs this morning. So far, so good.  I’m getting older but I don’t quite feel old yet.  I’m actually excited about this birthday and I’m thrilled for all that this next year holds from a trip to Africa, to completing my third year as a homeowner, to finishing my first year of 100 books (and maybe starting my second?).

I’m excited for more travels (announcements coming soon) and more adventures and some big changes on the horizon.

So thank you again for the sweet birthday wishes, it’s been a blessing to share my 26th year with you here on the blog and I’m looking forward to doing the same with 27!



Ryan said...

Happy birthday, Becca! Hope your beach trip is FABULOUS! :)

Leanna Vera said...

Happy birthday, my dear! I hope it was perfect!

Krystal said...

Hope your birthday was fabulous =]

lil desiqua said...

Hmm I tried to comment a minute ago but it didn't seem to go through. :/

Happy happy birthday! A 3 day beach getaway sounds fabulous- hope you have a great time!