Tuesday, October 6, 2009

GP #6

This weeks guilty pleasure? Tivo!

How did I ever live before the days of Tivo? I don't allow myself to watch TV at night because there are so many other things I wouldn't get done. I need to read, study, do laundry, clean, pack, etc. So, no TV at night for this girl unless my task of the evening can be done while the tube is on. SO...

I live by Tivo. The only thing I watch real-time anymore is football. Which consumes most of my Sunday's as it stands.

Tivo is for GG, OTH, Kardashian love, Private Practice, and all my other mindless shows I just can't get myself to quit watching. I love my Tivo. I would be lost without it.

Plus, it gives me something to be excited about in the mornings when I have to wake up to get ready for work. : ] And I need something to be excited about at 6am, let's be honest.

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