Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New look!

My new blog layout is inspired (and partially stolen from) In Style's section of celebrity closets.  I do love a good closet and so I thought my blog would look at home inside of one.  Here's a few of those behind the inspiration that were previously featured:

Welcome to the new home for my writing.  



Ebony Jewel said...

I would like a closet filled with a bunch of LV purses, cute outfits, and cute shoes.

I'm going to make that day....maybe when I get debt free!

Mer said...

Love the new look! I think it'll motivate me to get my finances under control so I can afford a closet just like it someday...

MK said...

pretty sure i just salivated over those closets and everything inside them :)

Becca Christensen said...

It should go without saying that I'm surrounded with good company on this blog. All three of you ladies are fab and I look forward to the day we ALL have closets like these!