Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday afternoon thoughts.

This week in our bible study reading I was really struck by a comment made that we should stop praying and start doing.  The author went on to say that it's not that we should do things out of our own abilities, leaving God out of the equation....that's not the right way at all.  But that we should stop praying to God for things he's already given us.  For example he wrote of a guy who's coworker said he needed a new computer.  The guy said, 'I'll pray for you' and he did.  Then he said he heard God say back, 'you have an extra computer, what are you asking me for?'.  The guy got the message.  He gave his coworker his extra computer and he shared with the author that often we pray about things God has already spoken on.

He went on to list some examples of the things God has already spoken on and therefore we don't need to ask him if we should do.  Love our neighbors.  Give generously.  Raise our children right. Submit to our husbands (if you have one).  God gave us clear instructions in the bible on so many topics but we find it safer to say we'll pray about it.  Prayer is an important part of the Christian faith and not to be used as a cop out for the areas of our lives were not quite ready to give up.

Along these lines I had to check myself this morning in church.  I'd received some extra money for a job I did and in my head this morning I was trying to justify not tithing from this money.  I battled in my head for a few minutes and finally thought to myself, God has blessed me over and over with money and provisions and his word is clear that he wants the first and the best of everything I earn.  I tithed.  Then I bowed my head (while no one else way praying) and I asked God to continue to hit my upside the head with guilt when I forget that my money is not my own.

I should probably stop confessing all my struggle and quirks on here before you all get too much of a look at my thought closet. : ]  But the truth is in the last 2 years God has really gotten a grip on me and the transformation I've seen in my heart and life has been a miracle in and of itself.  It is because I know that my God is a God of grace and not a God of perfect people that I'm comfortable telling you all that somedays I battle with my selfishness even in church!

I shared with my small group that I'm coming out on the other end of this problem.  I've prayed for years and years for God to provide for me financially and bless me, etc.  Then one day a few months ago I was really humbled when I realized he's HAS been providing for me.  I've just been piddling it away on 'stuff'.  I finally had to stop just praying for my savings account to fill up and start accepting God's provision with humility and wisdom.  It was time to start asking for it to take care of itself and start being a good steward of all that he's already given me.

Another topic discussed this week was this whole submitting to your husband 'thing'. : ]  There are a lot of strong women in my life and I'd go so far as to say I'm one of them.  But one girl said something that really hit home for me.  She said that God calls us to submit to our husbands. That is our job.  Our husbands job is to lead us within God's will.  Now, if he misses the boat on leading our family within God's will - then God's going to slap him upside the head for it. But if I get in the way because I'm not submitting and I think I know best - then I'm gonna get the slap upside the head before he does.  She went on to say, I've learned that sometimes submission is like ducking - to I can get out of the way and let God give my husband a whack.

I'm not married myself but this made me laugh.  I often find myself getting in my own way when it comes to God's will.   As one man said in a video at church this morning, "I need to give God more glory and less of me'.  Amen.


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Carina Blogarina said...

Hello :o)

Your post made me curious, what did you end up with thinking yourself when it comes to being submissive to your husband? Do you agree with your friend?

I can agree with how we shouldn't think we know it all, but then again why should he be allowed to be a know it all?I'm sure God is pro equality, personally :)