Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You asked, I deliver.

Several of you have left me comments or sent me e-mails stating your curiosity about the Kindle and how I'm liking it.  Finally, as promised, I'm sitting down to write a 'review'.  This will be a casual review, sort of like a chat over coffee.

Things I love about the Kindle:
- Not having to find time to go to the book store.  With my crazy life it sometimes took me a week or two just to have time to go to Borders and BUY my next book club book.  Now it's delivered wirelessly in seconds.  I love that.
-  For us on-the-go gals (or guys) who travel for work (or pleasure) - it's really amazing to tote all your books in something that weighs less than half a pound and takes up almost no room.  I like to tote my bible study book, bible, book club book, and sometimes 1 or 2 others everywhere I go!  So for me, that is excellent.
- It's simple.  There aren't tons of buttons to figure out - it's so simple a child or those that were born before the 'technology era' can easily find there way around it.

Things I don't love about the Kindle:
- It doesn't save you much money.  The books may (or may not) be a little cheaper but it would take years to really save much money (considering you pay $300 for the Kindle itself).  So from a thrifty perspective this one doesn't really work.
- It would be way easier in touch screen form.  The little toggle is similar to those on blackberrys and can be a little annoying.
- The highlight feature!  I'm such a highlight nazi. : ] Love it.

My thoughts are that if you're not someone who travels it's probably not the best use of your money.  It's still a little pricey (it's working it's way down) and it doesn't save you much on books. So, if you're going to sit at home and read you might as well start collecting a real live library.

BUT if you travel and you don't mind paying a little extra for the convenience of the light weight and space saver of a Kindle v. a portable library - well then look no further!

If you have other specific questions shoot them my direction via comment or e-mail and I'll do my best to answer.  But I am one happy customer thus far. 



Laura said...

Thanks for this post! When I was flying I saw someone with one, and I remembered you had one. I've been wondering your thoughts on it!

Anonymous said...

Great review! I've been thinking about getting a Kindle for a while since I know you can download books to it, but I don't think it'll be worth it for me. I don't travel much, and when we go on our yearly trips they're usually long ones that allow me to bring actual books.

Thanks again!