Saturday, January 7, 2012

12 Things I'm Already Loving in 2012.

1. Starting the year off with friends, over brunch. It was a delicious and relaxing way to ring in the New Year with some of my favorite people. A great way to start this year off on the right foot.

2. Being halfway done with my 5th book of 2012. When I'm in a reading groove, I'm REALLY in a groove. (I read 15 pages while doing my hair the other morning)

3. Friday Night Lights on Netflix. My boy E hooked me up with Netflix on my new iPad and I'm pretty much obsessed with this show right now. Even though I've seen at least the first 3 (of 5) seasons, I'm going back through from the beginning. I should probably be pacing myself so I don't run out of episodes too soon.

4. Year Three. I'm in my third year as a homeowner and well into my 3rd year at my current job. Year three feels good.

5. Travel! My decision to make this year's theme 'experiences' was well received by friends and blog readers alike. And I am welcoming the first few months of that with travel. I received my e-mail from Southwest yesterday saying 'your next trip is just around the corner' and I squealed with excitement. First up, Scottsburg, Indiana. But that is only the first of many travels coming soon (FSU, Haiti, DC...).

6. Family. I feel closer to my family than ever going into this year and I am loving that.

7. FaceTime. I started using FaceTime after I got my iphone in the fall but since becoming an iPad user, I'm loving it even more. Feeling like I can sit at home and have a face-to-face chat with my best friend in Indiana, one of my closest guy friends in Chicago, my niece in North Carolina, etc has really made this year exciting so far.

8. Budgeting. After 2 years of successful budgeting I started 2012 with the best lead yet. I feel good about reaching my financial goals this year, staying debt free, and enjoying that travel budget I've worked so hard for.

9. Living in Florida. May marks 4 YEARS since my move to Florida and I can say very honestly, I've loved every minute (ok fine, maybe there have been 10 minutes here or there where I curse the heat or something).

10. Chasing Dreams. I've determined that your 20s are the time for chasing your dreams and I'm giving that my full attention and effort. Stay tuned for how that's shaping up for 2012.

11. Cleaning up and cleaning out. Since I came back from Christmas vacation a few days before my return to work I had time to do a little simplifying. Clean up some clutter, prep a few boxes for my upcoming yardsale to raise money for my Haiti trip, and make a list of what I still want to go through. Honestly, I even cleaned out the condiment section of my fridge, some of which has probably been hanging out there since I moved in, in December of 2009.

12.Being Me. That sounds weird, but honestly - I love my life. I'm so thankful for the people in it, living in my favorite city, and all that the Lord has given me. It's good to be me in 2012.



kayla said...

i think i love #12 the most :) you are such an inspiration to me! xxoo <3 k

Meghan said...

I'm so glad you're loving life and loving you! Such a wonderful attitude!

Katie said...

Oh yes-- Friday night lights is ah-mazing!

Sounds like 2012 is already a great year for you, and it's only a week old-- yay!! :)

Leanna Vera said...

So impressed by all the books you've read in 2012. I took an hour to sit and read today and I'm so glad I did...but I don't think I'll ever match your pace!

Nichole said...

What a sweet post! I started 2012 with brunch too, what a great day it was! I'm also sooo jealous of your travel goals, good luck girl!

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

Yay!! You are doing awesome. What a great list!