Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekend Recap.

The weekends come and go too quickly it seems. Monday always sneaks up on me and usually trips me while it's at it! Whew. But this weekend really was just what I needed!

Friday night we hit up Fly Bar downtown for dinner. It's this great Tapas place I've recommended on the blog before if you live in the Tampa area. But it's seriously one of my favorites. Lucky for me it's also Kayla and Jessica's fav too. So we met up for dinner and then hung out on the roof top deck for a bit.

I managed to get in bed at a decent hour so I could start Saturday fresh...

Kayla and I met for a mid morning walk on the Bayshore and did a leasurely 3 miles while catching up on life and what 2012 might hold for us. You may already have noticed how stoked about this year I am!

After our walk we headed to the local Starbucks to sit outside and enjoy out drinks (I got a skinny peppermint mocha) because I had a few Sbux giftcards from Christmas and I was dying to work on my latest book. We sat across from each other and read for an hour or so...making this morning productive to both my goal to drop another 20 lbs in 2012 AND my reading goal (On Sunday I finished book #5 of 50).

The rest of Saturday afternoon was spent getting things done around the batch pad. I came back from Christmas vacation with a list of things to do through, clean up, and clean out. With my Haiti yardsale in the works, it's good motivation to declutter! But honestly, I created a monster in myself - because I am LOVING the purge that's happening now.

I tackled the garage this weekend - cleaning out totes, organizing my yardsale piles, sweeping out, and spraying to make sure no bugs find their home in my garage this winter. I have to tell you a funny here though. Not too long ago, I ran over my broom with my car. This happened because I use to keep in the corner of the garage and I didn't realize it had fallen over, when I backed my car out right over it and this happened:

Oops! The funny part though, is that the other day I was in such a cleaning frenzie, I didn't want to stop to go to Target and buy a new one. So I was hunched over holding the two pieces of my broom, sweeping. This is how my neighbor, Bob, found me. I have a VERY friendly block and I absolutely love my neighbors. In fact, on Saturday, I spent a good part of the day hanging out, outside, with my neighbors. Anyway, Bob got such a kick out of my and my broken broom that he said he'd buy me a new one if I was that poor. : ]

Don't worry though, I did get a new broom - so I won't acquire any sweeping related back problems, I hope.

While in Indy I picked up a Colts sweatshirt for one of my other neighbors, Billy. Billy and his wife Alice have been so good to me since I moved into the neighborhood. They're generousity inspires me. And they've rallied all the neighbors to contribute to my yardsale for Haiti - which really touched me. Billy and I both love to grill so we have many a chats about football while we were cookin'. He's been extra supportive of my Colts this year and I wanted to make sure he had the colors to wear! He was THRILLED. He loves his new sweatshirt.

Saturday night I did a little babysitting (working towards my financial goals for 2012 - what can I say) which really meant reading and watching Netflix all night while the kiddos slept.

Sunday I got a morning workout, did a few things around the house, went to church, and had my first missions meeting! I'm getting so excited about my trip! Hopefully you caught my Haiti update post on the blog yesterday. If not, feel free to read that next. I also got to FaceTime with my bff - and finish the night (and my 5th book) while babysitting Sunday night as well.

I'm feeling good about this year...it's been productive, but in a relaxing sort of way. And it's only just begun.

24 days til my next trip!



Leanna Vera said...

Sounds like a very productive weekend!

And I'm absolutely loving that monogrammed tumbler!

Becca Christensen said...

Thanks! It's from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. My now roommate gave it to me. : ]

Jennifer B said...

Fly Bar is definitely on my list of places to try!