Friday, January 27, 2012


Growing up I was frequently told I 'wasn't much of a writer'. I was determined that one day I would be a writer, in some capacity or another and 10 years later, my blog is quickly narrowing in on 50,000 views. Writing certainly doesn't come naturally to all but like most skills, it can be taught, learned, practiced, and perhaps even perfected. If you’ve dreamt of starting a blog, writing a book, or having your thoughts published don’t allow the challenge of learning to write to dissuade you from fulfilling that dream.

Learning to write did not come easily to me. Being mildly dyslexic, even learning to read others writing was a challenge for me. I loved the written word from a young age and I wrote diligently in my journal for years before I gained the confidence to share my writing with others. By college I was finally given positive feedback by teachers who believed that I had the skills needed to become a writer, if only I would hone them.

Many of you have probably faced this same dilemma. You’re ready to write something worthy of being read, but your skill set and confidence aren’t where they need to be. If so, consider getting writing tutor. Online tutoring is a popular way for busy writers to get the help we need to grow our skill set without going back to school. Make time for what is important to you and be willing to put the time and effort into developing your skills.


Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

I love to write too(obviously) :-) So glad you are doing something you love!

Neely said...

I think you are a great writer!

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

I love reading your blog and think you do a great job writing it! I am sure your book will be just as great :)

Ashley said...

I think you are a WONDERFUL writer!

Wiz said...

I waited forever to start this blog and then finally got the nerve to try and I wish I had done it sooner! I am still not a great writer but I love documenting our lives because I dont do it anywhere else!

You are a wonderful writer and I enjoy your blog!

MK said...

I always wanted to "be a writer." I was good with words but not the story to go with it.

Here's to doing whatever your heart desires no matter what others say! I'm glad that you're a blogger, missy!