Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pizza on the Grill & a Hockey Game.

It's no secret, I am a football girl. I come by it honest, in my family football is THE sport. I spent much of my childhood running the field, pacing the sidelines, and screaming in the stands. It's also not a secret that I know little about other sports...any.other.sports. But, that's not because I don't enjoy them.

I was given four club level tickets last minute on Wednesday for Thursday nights Tampa Bay Lightning game against the Carolina Hurricanes. I was thrilled. The only thing I love more than attending sporting events is attending them with free tickets! (this is not a joke, I'm probably the cheapest person you know). Plus, what's not to love about any full contact sport? I'd much rather watch football and hockey than tennis or golf! Can I confess - I like it when they fight? (I guess it's a good things my parents don't read this blog - they would not be proud of that statement)

I already had plans to make pizza on the grill with my neighbor, Edmund. Lucky for him, I ended up getting tickets and he happens to love the lightning. I had bought all the fixings so naturally I still wanted to try out my grill-friendly pizza stone (a gift from my bestie, Auburn, who also joined us for the game). I put together a cheese and mushroom (yuck) per Edmund's request and topped the rest with just cheese and pepperoni (fine, I like my pizza like a kid).

Let me pause here to say - I need to stop trying to combine too much fun into one night. After working til almost midnight Wednesday night, planning a day that involved a full day of work, cooking for 4, and getting us to a hockey game on time - was more than I should have determined to do. So as a result this pizza cooking experience was experimental. The first one was undercooked. Edmund and I ate it anyway and it wasn't so bad (and thankfully, neither of us got sick). The second one was better - but we ended up putting it in the oven on broil to try'n get Brett fed before we had to leave for the time, I will do this at a more leisurely pace. Oh, and not make my pizza so thick!

The game itself was really fun - although sadly lacking in enough fights for my personal taste. Aubs and I snagged a few pics. I was called out for my blue and white (even down to my purse) because lucky for me, colts colors and bolts colors are the same. That made it easy to be rather festive.

For those of you who put in your vote on my shoe dilemma on facebook I went with the majority: Michael Kors (the top pair). Thanks for the imput, you sure do know how to help a girl in a fashion crisis out!



Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

I didn't know it was a Carolina team ;) M likes the Hurricanes and I've even been to one in Raleigh! Fun :)

MK said...

I love pizza. That is all! :)