Friday, January 6, 2012


Well lovies, my flight is booked. DC 2012 is happening. I was talking to a friend over Christmas who said, 'I really want to come visit you this year, but I just have to find the time'. Here's what I've learned about life - you don't find time, ever. You make it. Make time for what matters and what you value, because otherwise it slips by and the next year you'll say the same.

One of the great benefits to my job in events is that I travel for work. While traveling for work (on flights I book) I rack up points, usually with Southwest, my favorite airline. I get to use the points for pleasure. And so, after my trip to NYC last year where I used a freebie flight to make it an affordable, though not 'cheap', trip - I was inspired. Why not for this season of life where I get to travel for free one or twice a year to see major US cities? And so, the plan to visit Washington DC was born.

Truthfully, I'm already dreaming of where my 2013 destination will be! I know, ridiculous.

I did get that across body bag I wanted for my trip for Christmas so I can travel light at least while I'm perusing the city. I've started a list of all the places I want to go, see, and of course, eat (hello, DC Cupcakes).

Going to DC is #3 on my list of goals for 2012 - so here I am taking a big stride towards it, with a booked flight. May can't come soon enough. But it will have to wait it's turn, because Haiti is coming up first, in April. And before that I'm headed to Scottsburg to see my best friend and Tallahassee to see my cousin play baseball in March. Whew, 2012, I like you already!


Jennifer B said...

You are so right. You have to MAKE that time. There is never an ideal time for anything, even the things you want to do.

That's awesome that you are going to DC. I've always wanted to go there, just have to make the time (hehehe just kidding). Well, I've always wanted to go there, but I have other places that are further up on the list so that's first :)

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

I love what you said about making time - so true!! I'm excited for you and all if your adventures :)

Katie said...

So exciting! DC is one of my absolute fave places. And I totally agree with you-- Southwest is the best. :)

Leanna Vera said...

Yay for your DC trip! I love Southwest rewards points too. I always fly Southwest when I travel and I'm always amazed at how quickly those free flight points add up!

SEL said...

I love traveling as well. Can't wait to here about your travels!

If you need any recs for DC, let me know. I live here. :)