Friday, January 13, 2012

Personal Style.

'Fashion fades, style is eternal' - Yves Saint Laurent

On a lazy Saturday afternoon between workouts and chores I was chatting with my roommate about style. I was sharing with her my surprise when people say they like my 'sense of style', I've never really thought of myself as someone who has one. Stay with me on this - to me you can define your friends style, right? Most people's style can be tied up with a neat bow. One of my sister's is trendy while the other is a bit more ...bohemian? My 'style' if you will, is not really defined. I'm not classic but I'm not trendy. I'm not hippie or bohemian or edgy.

I chalk this up to the fact that I don't dress for style - I wear what I like. I wear what works for me (and sometimes things I love that I later realize don't actually look good on me at all). I think the most important factors to anyones personal style are that they know how to dress their body, and how to incorporate their personality into their wardrobe.

When I think of the people who's style I most admire, they are people who can look put together but effortless in one outfit. Probably my favorite example of this is Lauren Conrad (yes, of the Hills). I love her, always have. But as she's developed herself as both a fashion designer and a brand in and of herself, she has that perfect blend of natural style and a hint of personality. Here's a few examples:

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Whose style do you appreciate and what defines your personal style?




SEL said...

I totally agree, people should know how to dress their body.

I love Lauren's style as well. But her clothing line at kohl's isn't my favorite. I'm weird!

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

I'm not loving that first look. I don't think she looks put together at all! haha

Meghan said...

I do love LC, but my favorite is Rachel Bilson. She is slightly bohemian, and I would say that describes me, too!