Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And this is my, beautiful life.

While I was so busy with real life I didn't find time to get on the blog, I had my best friend and her husband in town the same weekend as my precious Dad. I'm blessed to get to see both of them on a pretty regular basis but I have to say there is something extra special about having them on my 'turf'. I love to play hostess to those I love the most. I shared with you previously how much it meant to me to have my sister and bro-in-law a few months back (August) and now to have my Dad as well as Candy and Josh - well, I'm getting just plain spoiled.

Out to dinner at Lee Roy Selmons.

Doing a little Florida shopping for their fams back home - these were my idea, clearly. But I got overruled.

Happy One Year Anniversary to my best friend!

Church with my bff.

Grill master.

Quick nighttime trip out to the beach.

I love making memories in my favorite city. It's so fun having company. We also got to catch a Colts game including sideline passes for warms.

Candy, me, and Kayla in the WAY upper deck.

Josh and his two favorite ladies on the sidelines.

Dallas Clark - one of my favorite Colts during warmups.

The only part about this weekend that wasn't perfect was that it had to come to an end. I said a tearful goodbye to my sweet Dad at the buses Monday night after the game and a sleepy but thankful too sleepy to include tears goodbye to my bff on Tuesday morning. So thankful for a perfect weekend and looking forward to being reunited with them all in Decemeber.

Love, B


Kate said...

What a great weekend! I'm so glad you got to spend time with your Dad and your bff. :)

lil desiqua said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a wonderful time and got in lots of fun stuff! Hope you're having a great day!

Amber said...

I love your church dress and that apron :) Glad you had a good weekend friend! It was much needed, I'm sure.

Stephanie said...

OOH! I love your cute clothes! That blue/purple top and that apron - too fab!!!!

Hope you had a great Tuesday!!! XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights