Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh Fall Oh Fall, Where Art Thou?

So I keep hearing the hype about pumpkin lattes and gingerbread this and that - but I have to tell you it does not feel like Fall in the TPA.

Now the good news about this is that I can layout this weekend and the next 10ish and come home for the holidays tanner than all you people. I do love that. Especially since I have crazy tanning bed paranoia so good old natural sunlights the only way this girl will be sporting any color come December.

The bad news is that other that football, it really doesn't feel like fall!

I have, however been trying to invite fall weather my way by dressing for the occasion when possible...

Sporting my new Max Studio leopard print flats I LOVE that my Mom bought me while I was home in September. Oh and my new bag I bought myself for my bday. Happy 26th birthday to me (and many more?).

I think I may have previously shared my love for the brand Caslon as sold at Nordstrom but I found this fabulously comfy sweater there a few weeks ago while shopping with my best friend, Candy, and have worn it both with jeans and leggings in the last week (oh and the previously featured ballet flats).

I realize that big comfy sweaters are not the most figure flattering fall wardrobe addition but hey, we've all got to pick comfort of flattery once in a while, right?

One last fallish outfit share for the day. I felt a little skeptical of this combo together so was relieved when several of my coworkers (in a row) complimented it.

In total it was brown boots (that match the belt), black leggings, the striped shirt you can kind of see is long (and by kenneth cole), covered by a new york & co...sweater vest? I don't know what to call it. It comes to about my knees but it's open in the front (until I belted it). I also have one in grey. It was riskier than my usual but I think it went ok.

Sometime soon I want to share a few pictures of a few bargains I've found lately....but those will have to wait til another post.




Ashleigh said...

you look adorable, becca! looking forward to getting this week's letter- i am guessing you sent it, since you were writing the other night!

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

I love your shoes!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It was 102 in my parts of Cali yesterday and today is supposed to be even hotter! Eek!! I'm ready for cool weather now!!

Kendra said...

I love those shoes and the black/brown outfit! You pull off the odd color mix!!

Miss Chelsea said...

Cute shoes! Indy has fall weather. Ugh rain!! It does = boot weather though, which makes me a happy girl!

Amber said...

I love those flats!

Ashley said...

Those shoes are WONDERFUL!! So cute!

Neely said...

I need some cooler weather here too!