Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Recap & Misc.

First off, I joined pinterest. I'm not NEARLY as thrilled as everyone else seems to be. But I'm on there. Kind of. I haven't done much. Again, not that into it. Is there something wrong with me?

This weekend was amazing. I got in some good long workouts including weights, 3 miles Friday night and 5 miles Saturday, some Jillian Michaels, etc. I made a big jump towards my October weight loss goal this week, so I feel excited about it being within reach and motivated by this weekends success despite having to eat out 3 times! Whew.

I've been slowing learned how to use apps (lets be honest, my blackberry could barely handle the amount of texts I get in a day, let alone app usage). I'm not on endomondo which I love for tracking my walks/jogs on Bayshore (pictured above). I also got the 'lose it' iphone app to track my weight loss and it says I might just reach my final goal weight by MARCH! That seems so soon and acheivable.

Saturday night I went to FCA's event that replaced their banquet this year. It was a blue grass and blue jeans night and I wore the sweater I told you all about last week with my new bag (well, birthday bag):

Jess commented that she liked the reverse cuffs on this sweater and I have to say that was the selling point for me! If I look a little dazed, excuse me, I was feeling a bit under the weather that night.

I loved the event though. What a fun idea to change it up from a traditional banquet and give people the chance to mingle instead of being confined to their table. The venue, Mosi, was a fun change of scenery as well. I even rode a rollar coaster simulator (which thankfully did not make me sicker!). It was a fun time to be amongst sweet friends and show support for a ministry that has had a huge impact in my own family over the years.

After a day full of church, football, and working out (my trifecta for Sundays, btw) - I got to head out to dinner with my friend Jessica and her best friend Becky who was in town from Kansas City. We went to Fly Bar for Tapas and if you live in Tampa and haven't been - I highly recommend it!

Unfortunately my Colts didn't pull out a victory and our rough start to the season continues. But other than that - this was a great weekend! I've been busily planning my holidays with my mom, sisters, and best friend all of whom I will be seeing shortly. Christmas shopping is in 13 days AND my vistaprint Christmas cards should arrive sometime this week. Yikes.



Café Moka said...

I love your sweater! So nice!

Seems like you had a great weekend! I also did the 30 Day Shred and today, I am so sore!

Ashleigh said...

congrats on ur success, becca!!! u look gorgeous!

Mere said...

Love the stripes and congrats of the working out!

Neely said...

You will learn to obsess over pinterest :) Have you updated your reader/dashboard with my new domain??

Krista Leigh said...

I have to say, you look better in that top than the model. Great purchase! And I'm so jealous of that handbag.