Friday, October 21, 2011


I've never been particularly fond of the month of October but since I like to stir up a little backlash from all my crazy Christian followers who read this blog waiting for the chance to say something snarky about the fact that I've, gasp, read Twilight ...or something...I like Halloween. I know I know, it's Satan's holiday or whatever but as a believer I've never celebrated Satan, I just like costumes and candy. My Dad use to take my trick or treating and I loved it. It's the one time of the year your parents actually encourage you to take candy from strangers...winning!

I think it's great when people stick to their guns, everybody needs their standards. But as for me and my future household there will be trick or treating (even if I have to take my animal because I don't have kids). Wait, I don't really do pets either. I'll take my future husband trick or treating I guess. Or at least to costume parties.

This weekend will hold it's usual amount of chaos and craziness mixed with relaxing workouts, reading, babysitting, and cleaning. But Sunday the roommate and I will be having a football party at the batch pad. Well, a game night partnered with Sunday Night Football. Yours truly will be in charge of grilling (does that make me the man of our house?) hot dogs. Can I please share that I literally laughed out loud at myself for how fat I must of looked buying literally 48 hot dogs and buns at Sam's Club? As if that wasn't bad enough, giggling about it just drew MORE attention. Awesome.

I've had the itch to buy sweater after sweater lately. I live in Florida - I know I don't NEED them but in my defense I have 3, count that, THREE upcoming trips and I just want classy sweaters and boots to wear, is that too much to ask?

I haven't gotten to wear alot of sweaters yet but I have enjoyed wearing some rich fallish colors:

I never find stuff I like at Old Navy but I popped my head in during their 75% off sale and bought this shirt. I have a purse (pictured) and shoes that match so I thought, why not? Their stuff is usually so ill-fitting on me. But every once in a while I find something worthwhile there. My roommate has much better luck there than I.

I've been pouring through the November InStyle. I have to say, I'm not into alot of the fall trends but I DO want a neon yellow dress. Asap.

Happy Friday Night to all - hope you're weekends are fabulous.

Love, B


Meghan said...

I love that top! You look adorable:)

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

I don't mind Halloween. Our church even has a fall festival where the kids dress up. They just request no devils, witches, etc. (Although McKayla was a witch for Halloween one year - a cute one).

Leanna Vera said...

You look great in that picture!! How'd your grilling turn out today? I'm sure it was delicious!