Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday, Friday....

Happy Friday morning to all! I'm quickly writing this entry over a cup of coffee before I head to work (but of course you won't get it til I'm already there). I'm excited for this weekend! I'm babysitting a good bit (hello, exceeding my financial goals for Oct) BUT I'm also enjoying a spa day Saturday morning that will include a facial, a new hair color, and a long overdue haircut. I think I'm going to go lighter brown this time...

Think the after picture of this set. A golden brown (sans highlights however, I think I've shared before how much I despise myself with highlights). Plus I like to keep my hair low maintence. I don't have the kind of time and energy required to maintain good highlights.

I've kept my hair really dark for a couple months now and I think going into winter it will wash me out too severely so, I'm going to lighten up and roll with a bit more like my natural color (if anyone even knows what that is).

Keeping with my LC theme the cut will be more like this:
It's been a busy couple of weeks and I decided it was time to have an unwind and pamper kind of morning - so starting at 9:30am, the transformation begins. I'll try'n post pictures to the twit afterwards. Stay tuned. Either that or I'll blog the results later in the day (when I'm not fresh off the facial table, yikes).

Sunday I will be shopping til I drop getting ALL (I hope) of my Christmas shopping done in one day. Jess, Kayla, and I will be heading out early Sunday to Ellenton to 'get er done'. I've got my list ready, I've filled up my Christmas present budget, and I'm ready to go. I'm hoping to pack a whole suitcase with my family gifts and take it with me to Thanksgiving to send them home (to Indiana) with my Mom afterwards. I try to avoid having to ship a bunch of stuff - it just feels like such a waste of money.

While babysitting a couple evenings in the next few days I'm hoping to finally finish The Help, the latest InStyle, and my packing list for Thanksgiving which seems to be fast approaching.

Check back tomorrow for a fashion related post about my upcoming banquet and my newest edition to my rediculous dress wardrobe.




Café Moka said...

Can't to see what you do with your hair!
Love that Lauren Conrad cut!

Have a great weekend and happy Christmas shopping!!!

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

Can't wait to see your new look!! Sounds like a fun-filled weekend!

Live*Laugh*Love said...

Hey my name is Tara. I am your newest follower on your blog site would you be so kind & follow me back it would mean so much to me. Thanks :) Feel free to Like or Follow me on my facebook fan page & my Twitter!!!

Stephanie said...

Look at you! I'm so impressed with your fun and productive weekend! I absolutely LOVE LC and I love that cut and hair color - I think you will look great! :)

Have a great weekend! XOXO