Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Present and Future.

With 2012 fast approaching I'm having a hard time living in the present. I attribute this not to being unhappy with the way things currently are, since I don't ever remember being this excited or motivated but to my excitement for the year to come. I've got big dreams, high ambitions, and fun plans already coming together for 2012 and it's making it hard to live in the now.

My best friend and I have been happily planning the times we'll be together in the coming year which has made me look forward to December, February, May, July, and even the holiday season next year. Having a long distance best friend may be harder than having a long distance dating relationship, I swear. I cry harder saying bye to her than I ever have over a guy (if my Dad read my blog, he'd read that line with great pride).

This is my favorite time of year. Buying presents. Going to holiday parties. Spending the holiday season with my family and best of friends. Shopping. Lights on trees. Giving. And the anticipation of the good things to come with a fresh year!

I'm headed Christmas shopping this Sunday with Kayla. We've decided to hit up the Ellenton Outlet Malls and do some treasure hunting. Ok fine, there will probably be a few fall/winter/holiday outfits for ourselves included in this trip. But with my newly inspired (and so far successful) budget - I'm ready to knock out most or all of my Christmas shopping AND a few things for myself.

Let's be honest, I'm probably going to need long johns to survive my 3rd winter up north since becoming a renewed Floridian. I get a little wimpier each year. Have I already shared my holiday plans?

I'm headed to Raleigh, NC as well as Winston Salem, NC for Thanksgiving. I will fly up Wednesday night after work and hopefully meet my niece for the first time (if she decided to arrive in time). Followed by thanksgiving in WS with my Mom's side of the family (she grew up there). I will jet back to Tampa Saturday morning to arrive by noon and do the worlds fastest transition to wedding attire to arrive at my friend Joy's beachside wedding in Ft. Desoto by 2:00. Can I do it? We shall see. Never a dull moment for me, is there?

Christmas time will be spent in Indiana - both Scottsburg for a traditional Christmas visit to my bff and her family and Carmel, Indiana to be with my own family. Here's to hoping the whole Christensen clan will be there! You can find me curled up by the fire (mostly because I couldn't feel my feet for a good 8 days last year) reading books. I can't wait to have some downtime to actually just sit and read a book a day (I hope). I will also be enjoying some time with my closest Indiana friends, whom I love and adore and maybe even sharing a ridiculous amount of pictures, here, on the blog.

Oh and I will be catching a Colts game on the 22nd as well, I fly in the afternoon for some Thursday Night Football.

I'm obsessing over holidays, clearly, so you should share your holiday plans with me. Please?




Café Moka said...

I also love Christmas time!!! There is something magical about it!

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

Raleigh is ONE HOUR from me! Do you hear me?! ONE HOUR!!!

Amber said...

I looove to obsess about the holidays, but this year they're kinda stressin' me out! :-/

Leanna Vera said...

You are one busy lady! I'm picturing you pulling a 27 dresses and changing in the cab on the way to the wedding...I've got my fingers crossed that things go smoother than that! haha