Thursday, October 20, 2011

This Hiney is in Gear.

Fall finally feels like it's here in Tampa, with the highs in the low 70s! My AC is finally off, my windows are FINALLY open, and I can enjoy having the balcony open when I'm at home which - oh wait, hasn't been much lately! I thought with the end of the 2011 event season at work, life would get a little less chaotic for me. It turns out this fall/winter is going to be crazy in a whole different way.

The good news is I'm back in my groove which is making my feel like myself again. You know, super OCD, super organized, super over-the-top. Feels like home. It's good to be back to my crazy old ways.

I'm no longer living at the office and have returned to my (almost) daily workouts, card writing, and book reading ways. I managed to finally get a few fun packages out to my most loyal pen pal, Lacey, and my bff Candy this week. I've finally returned the 30ish letters I got last month. My laundry is done AND put away, for once. I returned my suitcases to the garage until at least mid-November. The girl at my gym doesn't regard me as if I'm new or she should know me but can't quite place my face because I'm gone every other week. And I've actually seen and talked to my neighbors within the last week. I'm almost done with two, yes, two books.

This girl is baaaack!

I'm happy to report that as some of you know I've been on a budget mission lately that has kept me busy, thrify, and a little obsessed. The good news is - it's working. I declared via twitter a few weeks back that the last item on my 'to pay off' list is my house and then this girl will be totally and competely debt free. Thanks Dave Ramsey!

I've been obsessively saving as well because you know me I had to focus my attention somewhere new as soon as I finished the pay offs, right? I've already saved for all the Christmas gifts I need to get done which will be taking place next weekend on an outlet mall trip with Kayla. I'm also happy to report my hardwork is paying off in tangible, fun ways. This week when Southwest announced their sale for the week which included flights in Jan and Feb, I had the money in my travel budget to spend and I bought myself a ticket to visit my best friend the first weekend in Feb.

This my friends is what were working for, right? Financial freedom and the freedom to have fun without having to pay interest on it for months to come. Ah.

In case you were worried I'd lost my freakishly organized edge - have no fear. My custom made two photo Christmas cards arrived in the mail yesterday from Vistaprint. Can I brag on my thriftiness for a moment and tell you all that I managed to swing 50 cards and envelopes with two photos and shipping for less than $20 bucks? AND I have them before the end of October. This way, I figure I can start addressing a few a week and then drop them all in the mail (without pulling a December 20th all nighter) in mid-December. Ah.

I've been furiously writing in my Harriet the Spy notebook (ok, really, I tote a cute notepad with me everywhere so I can write things down as they come to me). I'm in holiday overload already and I'm loving every second.

I COULD use some help on what to put on my Christmas list though. What's on yours? Maybe I'll want one too.


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Leanna Vera said...

It sounds like you've been busy!! I'm hoping to get my routine back on track soon too.

Speaking of reading, are you on Goodreads? You should check it out! It's a great way to track what you've been reading and to get recommendations from others.

I think a desk is going to be the big item on my Christmas list this year...not very exciting but it's very necessary.